Why am I blogging anyway?  I mean, isn’t this like giving away free consulting and creative ideas to total strangers that … well … most of the time feel no obligation of returning the favor?

That’s a pretty bleak view of the world, but there’s unfortunately some truth to it.

When I first began blogging I was in college and much of it was driven by the “newness” of the Internet and a desire to share my work with other’s because I had no idea when I’d drop dead and never be heard from again.  But now that, well, I’ve survived, and I’ve grown accustomed to sharing with the world, but also learned how untrustworthy the world can be … I’m stuck wondering what to do with this once great outlet.


Are software developers modern-day quilters?

I’m off to the races again with programming!  I don’t know about anyone else but once I give up on integrating other people’s code/algorithm/etc. into my code I actually make progress.  No seriously, if you’re a developer, think back to when you sat down at a computer and literally wrote something from scratch.  You were probably faster and the process itself was a lot more rewarding.  Unfortunately for some of you… I imagine that it’s been a while…

When given a problem to solve, a developer is faced with two options:  the first problem that they could solve is the problem itself and the other is how to translate their code into someone else’s code, which has already been written to solve the problem.  After a while the “second route” turns the developer into a simple i/o professional, whom has spent their lives putting pieces together all over the Internet and gifting the result to their client.

I guess your code is my code if I can interface with it…

I don’t know about you… but I wouldn’t want to be the client… 😕

But anyway… Yes!  I’ve made a lot of progress.  I sort of spaced out on that vulkan tutorial because I found a lot more up-to-date manuals and documentation.  I’ll go iron that out soon though and modify it so that it works with the new setup.

Last night I spent the evening sick in bed with a massive headache and lethargy that made it impossible for me to do anything else.  Is this something I should see a doctor for?  Maybe, right?  But last night I also was the bearer of bad news and receiving flack from folks that otherwise wanted to pretend like I no longer mattered.  So am I sick? Or am I just internalizing the negativity of the situation?  I’m guessing the later… so I won’t bring it up the physical manifestation till I see my physician later in the month.

But back to this morning, and my moment:  Well, I think I just stopped caring about other people.  I think I just said *fuck it*.  Life is too short to sit here hoping for a chance to speak, for someone to do the right thing, for the world to care.  I might as well just say it and let life fall where it may – at least I said it and I won’t die with so much left unsaid.

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