Merging PDFs by Command-line

No seriously, this is so much better than rebooting into Windows or starting up wine to open Acrobat, which I have to pay for, and then combing documents into a ‘binder.pdf’.  Then I have to rename it and so forth.

Meanwhile by command-line in Ubuntu I could have just gone:

pdfunite in-1.pdf in-2.pdf in-n.pdf out.pdf

Thank you Stack Overflow.


Last night I spent the evening sick in bed with a massive headache and lethargy that made it impossible for me to do anything else.  Is this something I should see a doctor for?  Maybe, right?  But last night I also was the bearer of bad news and receiving flack from folks that otherwise wanted to pretend like I no longer mattered.  So am I sick? Or am I just internalizing the negativity of the situation?  I’m guessing the later… so I won’t bring it up the physical manifestation till I see my physician later in the month.

But back to this morning, and my moment:  Well, I think I just stopped caring about other people.  I think I just said *fuck it*.  Life is too short to sit here hoping for a chance to speak, for someone to do the right thing, for the world to care.  I might as well just say it and let life fall where it may – at least I said it and I won’t die with so much left unsaid.

Oibaf, no-nonsense Vuklan support in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I know… who would want to install a PPA-repository in Linux?  Well, for starters… anyone interested in using the latest NVIDIA drivers for say… Vulkan support… upon realizing the official tutorial doesn’t even run on their machine.  Don’t despair!  The cube example didn’t work for me either!  (I’ll be updating this through once I get everything running… who knows I might find I no longer even need the PPA?)

A number of PPA-repositories ( or otherwise community led efforts ) are available for those wishing to step out onto the ledge.  But be warned:  adding experimental libraries into your system can bring it to a standstill.  Be armed and prepared – take a look through some of my advice on using PPA-repositories.

There appears to be sort of two that I could both name and find:

The blunt truth is padoka completely destroyed my apt-get, and so I have stuck with oibaf despite it being the less popular of the two.

If you just want to add it right this second:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers
sudo apt-get update

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